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Offering the best value for your recyclables while operating as a reliable corporate partner and community leader, Great Northern Fibers provides comprehensive recycling services customized to your business and unique operational needs. Our team of professionals is prepared to provide you with a personalized waste audit that will ensure you receive the best value for your recyclables. We provide transportation options along with recycling and rebate options. 


Great Northern Fibers provides the following recycling services:


  • Paper Recycling

  • Plastic Recycling

  • Metal Recycling, including Cans, Aluminum, Scrap Metal, and Tin

  • Cardboard Recycling

  • Wood Recycling

  • Construction Debris

  • Demolition Waste

  • OCC (Old Corrugated Containers)

Our recycling facility produces legitimate percentages that will earn you valuable LEED points. We offer you a turnkey process that provides you accurate and credible LEED reports.

At Great Northern Fibers, we welcome and encourage counties, municipalities, businesses, and individuals across Long Island to join us in Recycling for Zero Waste.

To learn more about Great Northern Fibers recycling service,

call 631-643- 7940 today, or visit our Contact Us page.

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