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Great Northern Fibers has decades of experience partnering with a variety of industries, including paper mills, steel mills, metal and plastic manufacturers, Industrial parks, big box retailers, distribution centers and more.

We understand the types of waste your business generates, including the grades, recycling opportunities, and waste management challenges.


Our waste purchase programs are designed to:

  • Keep your work areas uncluttered and safe

  • Improve your bottom line by monetizing recyclable byproducts

  • Work with recycling experts to custom design your waste purchase program

From county waste management to industrial manufacturing, we are interested in purchasing recyclable byproducts, obsolete and scrap materials, and wastepaper grades.


We can provide a cost-free analysis of your job site or place of business and assess the solutions that best fit your needs.

A waste audit from Great Northern Fibers helps identify cost savings and return on recycling opportunities that can affect your bottom line. Recycling equals more profit!

To learn more about Great Northern Fibers waste purchasing programs, call 631-643-7940 today, or visit our Contact Us page.

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